Hiroshima advanced hostel /guesthouse, Budget accommodation in Hiroshima for backpackers.
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New Open Guesthouse in Kumano Kodo

Not Ryokan, Not Youth Hostel, but "Hana Hostel"

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Fukuoka Hana Hostel Osaka Hana Hostel Kyoto Hana Hostel Hiroshima Hana Hostel Welcome to Hana Hostel. “Hana” means “Flower” in Japanese. We try to be a fresh and cheery hostel like a lotus flower floating in the pond. At this moment we have a branch in Hiroshima and Kyoto.


Hana Hostel Hiroshima started the business in August 2008. The building used to be a local “business hotel”. We remodeled this into an advanced international hostel. As we are very close from the station and the guest rooms are well-equipped, we will be an good option to stay for not only backpackers but also for ordinary tourists with suits cases.

Open flowers in Hana Hostel

Super-easy access

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It's only 5-minute walk from Hiroshima central station to Hana Hostel. You can take JR local trains for naghbour towns like Miyajima or Iwakuni. You can also take Shinkansen or Highway buses for other regions. Hiroshima City tram takes you Peace park and A-bomb dome in the city, too. All these transportations are available in/around Hiroshima Station.

Onomichi : 1 hour by JR

Iwakuni : 1 hour by JR

Miyajima : 30min by JR

Fukuoka : 1 hour by Shinkansen

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Equipped private rooms

Ensuite twin roomFor a hostel, it is quite luxury. A bathroom or a toilet/washstand is attached to every private room. You can also watch TV in private rooms.
Needless to say, every room is air-conditioned.
Japanese style twinA traditional Japanese style tatami room or a familiar western style bedroom is selective.Hana Hostel offers comfort like a ryokan or a hotel. Please have a look at some photos for them on this page .

Family and elders friendly

private for 4 personsHostel Building has an elevator. And private rooms are relatively more spacious than other hostels. Very close to the station. Hana Hostel is an accessible accommodation for any generation and any travel style.
Also we have No curfew and No lockout !

Internet anytime, anywhere

  • All guest rooms and common rooms are equipped with 100Mbps internet access, which is available for FREE. You can link to WWW anytime and anywhere in the hostel. Ethernet cable is lendable.
  • Wifi is also available for FREE.
  • You can also use one of the hostel computers for FREE. Skype is available with Headset

Enjoy your Japanese stay

Japanese style twinOne of the most unique furnishings in Japanese houses is Tatami mats. Over half of the guest rooms are Japanese style with tatami mats. Even if you stay in a western style room, you can use Japanese style common rooms and enjoy fresh rush scent.
Roof tiles of entrance, bamboo-pattern floors and some of Japanese style gadgets in guest rooms also make your travel more exotic.


Travel to Onomichi, Okayama(Kurashiki), Fukuoka(Kyusyu), Iwakuni or Hagi (Yamaguchi).
Trip to Onomichi, Kurashiki, Fukuoka, Iwakuni and Hagi. Stay in Hiroshima for Miyajima, Peace Park and A bomb Dome.
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