Directions to Miyajima from J Hoppers Hiroshima Hostel


By JR Train (JR Rail Pass available)

  • Take JR Sanyo Line to "JR Miyajima-guchi Sta". (Free with JR pass or 410yen/28mim)
  • Take JR ferry. (180yen/10min) Timetable

Attractions in Miyajima

Since ancient times, Miyajima has been regarded as one of the "Three Most Beautiful Spots" of Japan, and as a part of the Seto Inland Sea National Park, it has received several distinctions, such as a place of extraordinary scenic beauty, exceptional history, a scenic preservation area, and a natural monument.

Get Miyajima Map and Mt. Misen Map Photo provided: Hiroshima Prefecture

  • Miyajima Deer
    In Japan, deer is regarded as the messengers of Shinto gods. Feeding the deer is banned in Miyajima.
  • Deer Poop Ice Cream
    Deer Poop Ice Cream
    Some ice cream shops on Miyajima sell Deer Dropping Ice cream... Don't worry, those are not real ones.
  • Fried Momiji Manju
    Momiji Manju
    There are some special Momji Manju that you can only have in Miyajima. Please try a Fried Momiji Manju.
  • O-torii Gate
    Touching O-torii
    During low tide, you can walk to the foot of the great Torii.
  • Mt. Misen
    Hiking Mt. Misen
    Mt. Misen is the highest place on Miyajima Island and on a clear day provides breathtaking views of the Seto Inland Sea.
  • Miyajima Aquarium
    Miyajima Aquarium
    Features various sealife and interactive displays around the Seto Inland Sea. 宮島水族館
  • Miyajima Raw Oysters
    Raw Oysters
    Oysters are the most famous seafood in Hiroshima. You can eat it even raw!
  • Miyajima Anago-meshi
    Grilled conger eel served over rice, is now considered a local specialty. Many Miyajima restaurants serve it.
  • Miyajima Traditional Craft
    Miyajima Crafts
    Find some souvenirs for your friends and family. Shakushi (rice scoop) , Kendama (cup and ball) and more..

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