Attractions around Yunomine Onsen and Kumano Hongu Taisha


About 8-minute walk from J-Hoppers Kumano Yunomine, you'll reach Fudo-no-taki (waterfall) which is said Ragyo Shonin (the 'Naked Saint' came from India about 1700 years ago..) had done waterfall meditation.
About 25 min by car and 10 min walk from there. The two-stage waterfall in River Heiji, tributary of Yomuragawa River, is about 50m high. Legend has it that a giant serpent inhabited here. There are many old trees around here, and the view from the falls front is majestic and mysterious with a small shrine (the God of Fire).
About 20 min by car and 20 min walk from our guesthouse. "Ukegawa-no-Otakisan", Falls of Ukegawa, tributary of Kumanogawa River, is 20 m high and feminine in its beauty. A small shrine (the God of Fire) is located near the waterfall basin and the background depression is fantastic.
One of waterfalls at Ohtou Ravine, starting from Mount Ohtou (1112 m) that commands a view of Kumano 3,600 peaks, runs about 8 km. On both sides there are steep peaks, whereas the river has depths, pools and torrents. The panorama provides for an ambience of high mountains and deep valleys. Scenic rocks and precipices below the eyes are beyond description. This is a treasure of nature, rare even in Japan, that develops different faces in four seasons.
The other waterfall at Ohtou Ravine.

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